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"This incubator hatches food businesses"
Jackey Coyle frrom Inside Small Business Magazine wrote up a case study on My Other Kitchen. It describes our business strategy, how we provide help to small business and our future aspirations. Read the story.
Win-Win Business Show 3SER Community Radio (97.7FM)
Paul Tero's radio show is a platform for business owners, government bodies, groups and associations to communicate ideas and promote their businesses and expertise.
Extract of interview download audio (MP3, 13mins)
"Cooking up a Storm"
In support of Business Victoria's Small Business Festival during August 2014, and in collaboration with our partners and clients, we hosted the "Bringing Your Business Idea to Life" Expo held at Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin. See our story on the Business Victoria site.
"Serving up delicious dreams and low carb lifestyles"
Interview on the award winning ABC Local Radio show "The Main Ingredient" with Kelli Brett.
Radio interview replay from July 2014
Kelli Brett
Federation Story - Giving Back with My Other Kitchen
Federation Square
"Foodies Pop up Around Melbourne"
Pop Up Shops Melbourne
Good Food Month
During the November 2013 Good Food Month, We donated our kitchen facilities to Fairfax Media who produced a number of short cooking demonstrations. It was great fun to be part of the process and to see how these works come together behind the scenes! Check out the results:
The Art of Pickling - Nellie Kerrison from Relish Mama
The Octopus Sessions - Ino Kuvacic from Dalmatino
Making bagels at home - Zev Forman from 5 & Dime Bagel Company
Good Food Month
"A recipe for Business Success"
Small Business Mentoring Service Inc.
Small Business Mentoring Service
Harvest Picnic
At the Age Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock in February 2013 we came home with a very satisfying double - Crabtree Salts won the Gold Award and My Other Kitchen was awarded Best New Exhibitor.
Shoe String Startups
Coffee Chat Interview
We joined Lee Cummins on 88.3 Southern FM discuss the new events that are coming up to coincide with Small Business Victoria week plus the latest food trends coming through our kitchen. 
Working communities - words and fruit loaves
Jen Squire from Oliver Lane Foods blogs about her experience in starting a new food business and the value of community, support and opportunity from working in our shared space alongside like-minded businesses.
(03) 9905 1381
Monash launches $3 million incubator facility to drive food industry innovation
The Incubator comprises three, high tech, serviced industrial kitchens, a food grade scale-up lab and a collaborative lounge. Read more
Mums, Chefs, IT professionals, marketing gurus, corporate escapees - these are just some of the people building their business and achieving their dreams in a kitchen incubator. Here are some of their stories:

Rachel of Firegreen Foods is a new immigrant from England, Mum to three boys and in the midst of building her own business as an advocate for gluten free and sugar free foods. In the last twelve months Rachel has seen a new country, new business, new house and now a new year full of possibilities.

Matt of Matthew’s Nutrition Kitchen is one of the new breed of young entrepreneurs that are driven to create their own niche in the world of business. A fitness instructor, physique competitor and small business owner, Matt makes it possible for others to achieve their fitness goals by taking the hassle out of of planning, shopping, counting calories and cooking by delivering nutritious, tasty meals to his customers. Matt’s ambition and willingness to do the hard yards (including keeping himself in shape for his own personal billboard) will see him achieve his lofty goals of conquering the world of gym goers across Australia. Orders are taken on Matthew’s Nutrition Kitchen website.

Shannon of Eat Sweet makes delicious, French-style nougat in contemporary flavours. She is a corporate escapee, hopeless sweet tooth, creative flavour-genius and market stallholder. Making sweets and building a food business is a way to get out from behind a desk and into the kitchen, making her lifelong hobby a reality on retailers’ shelves. Look for Eat Sweet products at the Sunday Arts Centre Market, other markets around Melbourne and discerning retailers’ shelves.

Chef, Mother, Business Owner, Fitness Instructor, Believer in whole foods and authentic ingredients, Nadia has many strings to her bow and skills to her repertoire. Starting out by making a range of healthy muesli to support her fitness clients under the Nature’s Essentials brand, Nadia has since spread the muesli love to retailers’ shelves and other cafes and restaurants. Not a businessperson to stick to one thing, Nadia also uses her impressive Chef skill shoned in high-end Melbourne restaurant to help others with menu and product development from within the kitchen under The Artisan Pantry brand.

A young couple with young children and strong food beliefs, Lucy and Adrian started The Hidden Souk to indulge their passion for fresh spices and directly support local and International spice farmers in a market that is traditionally renowned for its propensity towards shady practices. Sourcing ethically produced whole spices and grinding them into blends for home cooks and restaurants to create authentic dishes from their own kitchens is the key to their business. Visit the Hidden Souk flavour library for more information.

A Chef and a Project Manager (sounds like the beginning of a joke!), this couple are well-travelled Beetle (as in Volkswagen, not bugs) enthusiasts and business owners using their skills cooking and serving American-style food at events, markets and festivals. With dreams of Hot Rods, creating their own entertainment and a food truck lifestyle, their reasons for a food business are all about creating their own fun and building the foundation of a less stressful life. Look out for MeetWagon at your next outdoor event or festival.
How long have you been planning a food business?
Fro Po evolved from a simple idea to a viable business over the course of approximately 9 months.  Throughout the initial planning period we created our business plan and conducted both product research and development.

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problems are you solving or niche are you filling)?
There were multiple factors involved in the decision to begin a food manufacturing business.  Without either of us having any prior experience in the industry, it was quite a risk, however, we felt that there was a definitive gap in the breakfast market, especially considering the continual increase in demand for ready-to-eat convenience breakfast products.

Are you a sole business owner, family run business or partnership?
Our business operates as a partnership.

What kind of food do you make?
Fro Po produces all natural, ready-to-eat, porridge.  Containing no artificial additives, we aim to provide a convenient breakfast product that remains as close as possible to how Mother Nature intended it to be.

Who is your target market?
Our target market consists of both males and females, between 18-55 years of age that are health-conscious but time-poor.  Whether it be students, professionals or busy parents, our product is designed to allow individuals to enjoy a comforting, healthy breakfast that they don’t have time to make themselves.

How do you sell your product?
Our product is sold through retail outlets, such as supermarkets and delis.

At what point did you start using a commercial kitchen?
We moved into a commercial kitchen space while in the final stages of product development, as we felt it was important to understand how to upscale our production before attempting to produce on a larger scale

What benefits have you discovered to using a kitchen incubator?
The benefits of using a kitchen incubator have ranged from not having to outlay the initial cost of setting up a HACCP approved commercial kitchen, alongside receiving support and advice from people in the industry

How do you plan to grow your business in the next 12 months?
Plans for 2015 include increasing our exposure to the general public, through both an increased number of stockists and a greater presence through social media and other marketing avenues.  We also aim to branch out into commercial supply.
How long have you been planning a food business?
Since August 2014

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problem are you solving or niche are you filling)?
I wanted a healthy product suitable for infants that parents could trust. Through my own personal experience with my little one and through friends who are parents also.

Are you a solo business owner, family run business or partnership?
At the moment it will be run as a sole trader due to lack of cashflow.

What kind of food do you make?
Healthy brownie product.

Who is your target market?
Parents and fitness groups.

How do you sell (or plan to sell) your product?
Start off at local organic markets, move into cafes and also through the website.

At what point did you start using a commercial kitchen
I'm not at the moment.

What was the trigger for contacting My Other Kitchen?
I’m new to the food industry and wanted to contact a professional who could help me realise my dream.

What benefits have you discovered to using a Kitchen Incubator?
Coaching and business planning, industry experience. Jane is also very motivating and gave me a range of ideas, contacts, sources of information that I can work on.

How do you plan to grow your business in the next 12 months?
I plan to develop my recipe a bit more, get all the business side done - confirming the name, logo etc. Applying for a spot at the local markets to start off and then moving into cafes.

Where can we buy your food product?
Markets, cafes, health stores and online - with the dream to supply to the Harris Farm chain.

Anything else you would like to share?
I started with an idea thinking it might not work. But my first meeting with Jane made me realise that my idea can be turned into reality - as long as I stay motivated and complete my business plan. Jane gave me a lot of resources that I can work with and I really do appreciate her professional advice. Without her help I would never have got anything off the ground and I think she should open up a kitchen in Sydney.
How long have you been planning a food business?
Continuing from experience of catering in the UK.

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problem are you solving or niche are you filling)?
Food is what I love - had previously done traditional catering. A series of connections and networking in the early days of us being in Australia and the abundance of fresh and natural ingredients over here, led to the interest in gluten-free and sugar-free. I always like a challenge and creating food with all natural ingredients and gf and sugar-free while maintain a great taste profile definitely appealed to me.

Are you a solo business owner, family run business or partnership?

What kind of food do you make?
Gluten-free and sugar-free healthy products - sauces, granolas, natural energy bombs and snacks.

Who is your target market?
Varied demographic - from old to young, from athletes to people just trying to put good things in their body. Basically anyone who cares about what they consume.

How do you sell your product?
Mainly markets at the moment with some cafes and wholesale.

At what point did you start using a commercial kitchen?
From the beginning.

What was the trigger for contacting My Other Kitchen?
I live in a rental house with a small terrible kitchen so was idly googling kitchens to rent when I came across MOK and couldn`t believe my eyes that something this good existed.

What benefits have you discovered to using a Kitchen Incubator?
The benefits are immeasurable -from the obvious advantage of having a commercial kitchen at your fingertips without all the stress of set up and the ongoing issues and bills. One payment covers it all. But it’s all the extras that make it so special. Meeting people who have been at the stage you are at - people who are starting at the same time. The variety of people and businesses that come through the kitchen - I find I learn something every time I am in the kitchen!  And the networking side of the incubator is tremendous from suppliers, to distributors, to photographers, to graphic designer, website designers, business management…. The list is endless.  There is a very supportive atmosphere within the incubator which, as a solo producer, is very comforting!

How do you plan to grow your business in the next 12 months?
I would like to grow the wholesale, retail and online side of the business.  And maybe add a couple more products to the range!