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Level 4, 13 Rainforest Walk, Clayton VIC 3800
Phone: (03) 9905 1381
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Kitchen Incubator
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We are onsite
We are here to help when you use our kitchen, and we are genuinely interested in what you do. In setting up our own business, we learned some valuable lessons along the way. So if you choose, talk to us about your ideas and aspirations. We get a lot of satisfaction from sharing our ideas, experience and industry contacts. To our delight we have helped several clients connect with each other for mutual benefit. That's the fun part for us!
Registering with council & the food safety plan
Before you can use our facility you need to contact the Environmental Health Department of our local council, the City of Monash, to determine what registration requirements apply for your particular situation. We can help you with the registration process, and you will need to supply us with evidence of registration before you can start work in the kitchen. We have identified all the relevant food safety hazards for the premises, and have record sheets at every critical control point. Your nominated food safety supervisor is responsible for completing record sheets during the time you use the kitchen, and in accordance with your Food Safety Plan.
Fees, bookings and payment
We charge an hourly fee which is customised for each client. The fee covers all equipment in the kitchen and includes utilities costs, some small appliances, cleaning products etc. There are no hidden or extra charges. Discounts apply for multiple advance bookings and for shared-use arrangements. The minimum rental period is 4 hours. Full payment is required prior to occupying the kitchen. Payment options include bank transfer, cash and credit card. Cheques are accepted by prior arrangement only. Fees, charges, booking and cancellation terms are provided to you in writing when you meet with us and inspect the premises.
Our nominal operating hours are 8am to 6pm weekdays. All bookings are by appointment and may include evenings and weekends. The kitchen space can accommodate two parties at the same time. This is dependent however on a number of factors including what types of food each party is preparing and associated equipment and food safety requirements. If we can accommodate a sharing arrangement, this will be made available at a reduced hourly rate to both parties.
A separate and self-contained kitchen space is available for longer term use, typically for product development, equipment trials, increasing production volume, etc.
Cleaning & inspection
You are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the kitchen after use. We walk through a checklist with you before and after use. We agree on appliances to be used, their condition, plus operating and cleaning procedures. For a fee, and via prior arrangement, we can have the kitchen cleaned for you, but we prefer you do your own cleaning - it not only saves you money but engenders good working practices.
Via prior arrangement we can accept deliveries from your suppliers directly to our kitchen, but items are received at your own risk. We can also offer short-term storage of dry, frozen/chilled ingredients plus limited short-tem storage of your finished products. Storage is subject to availability at the time, and fees may apply.
My Other kitchen is located in the Monash University Clayton Campus. There is paid parking available for visitors. Clients of My Other Kitchen have their parking included in the usage. A loading dock is accessible at the rear of the building for loading, unloading and supplier deliveries.
My Other Kitchen has public liability insurance, but you are responsible for insurance of your products, accident insurance for your clients and staff, and product liability. We do not have a liquor license. If you need to consume liquor on premises you will need to review the liquor licensing rules with the Department of Justice Victoria plus local council.
Operating hours & shared use
Supplier deliveries
Insurance and liquor licensing
Public transport & parking