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Interested in using our services? Complete the questionnaire below to help us understand your specific requirements, and we will be in touch. Answer as many or as few questions as you like. Mandatory questions are marked with a red asterisk. Click the submit button to send in your answers. To understand how this information will be used and protected see our privacy statement.
Please describe your business:
Restaurant or cafe owner
Food production
Cooking school / education provider
Home-based business
Startup business / investigation phase
Not for profit
Food stylist / photographer / media
Sideline or hobby
General catering or take home meals
Bread / yeast products
Preserves / jams / sauces / spices
Research and development / recipe testing
Cooking classes / demo cooking / food tours
Hampers / gifts
Media / food styling / photography
Which below best describes what you make or do?
Pastries / baked goods / cakes
Where do you currently make your product(s) or deliver your service?
Home kitchen - registered with council
Home kitchen - not registered with council
My own commercial kitchen
Somebody else's commercial kitchen
School / community center / church kitchen
Not producing yet
Where do you sell (or plan to sell) your product(s) or service?
Markets (e.g. Farmers' or weekend markets, fetes)
Retail business (e.g. cafe / restaurant / shop)
Wholesale - supplier to other business and outlets
Consumed on premises (e.g. cooking school)
Not for sale (e.g. hobby / gifts / charity)
How do you envisage using a hire kitchen?
As an core part of how I deliver my products or services
As a stepping stone towards my own kitchen facility
Infrequently e.g. during peak demand or seasonal periods
Short term e.g. menu development
On average, how many hours per week do you estimate using a hire kitchen?
Less than 5 hours
15 to 25 hours
25 to 35 hours
More than 35 hours
5 to 15 hours
On average, how frequently do you estimate using a hire kitchen?
Ad hoc / intermittently
Once a month
Once a fortnight
More than twice a week
Twice a week
Once a week
During which time of the day do you prefer to use a hire kitchen?
Please rate the following for your needs:
May use
Not needed
Dining room
Standard oven
Gas range
Wok burner
Grill plate
Commercial dishwasher
Stick blender
Planetary mixer
Meat slicer
Cutlery & crockery
Pots & pans
Stock pots
Refrigeration (cool room)
Retail display space
Supplier accounts / bulk buying
Office space
May use
Any other equipment or service requirements not listed here?
If we were to offer the following services in future, please rate them for your needs:
Not needed
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Please describe:
Anything else we should know?
How did you find out about My Other Kitchen?
Web search
Event or trade show
Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..)
Advertisement / write-up
Word of mouth / referral
Other source
More information:
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Small utensils (bowls, spoons etc)
Dry goods / equipment storage
Finished goods storage
Circuit bar for photography / lighting
Receive your supplier deliveries
Internet access
Small business networking & services

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