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Business Coaching for New Food Business
For that one-on-one service or particularly sensitive topic, we offer a customised in-house service which helps get your new business on its feet quickly, and avoids the pitfalls by leveraging our expertise and business contacts. You Can Book Me for a private consultation.
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Over the last ten years, we've learned what are the common challenges with running a successful food business. It takes planning, passion, focus and access to specific experts who can help you on every step of the journey. Our services and offerings range from networking events where you can develop valuable contacts and benefit from their experience and passion over a lunch, through to sophisticated consulting and services programs tailored specifically to your needs.
Kitchen Incubator
Food Focus Network
Our Food Focus Network events bring together key players from within the food industry. Held every month in three locations across Melbourne, this is a supportive environment where you can talk about the challenges and triumphs of running your business. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, this networking event over lunch is perfect for you. Use the calendar to the right to find a location nearest you.
Recipe to Retail
You have a really good idea for a new product but are not sure how to get started, who to ask for help, or in what order to do things. Our Recipe to Retail - How To Launch A Food Product workshop answers these most basic of questions and helps guide you in the right direction to avoid the most common pitfalls. Use the calendar to the right to find a workshop nearest you.
(03) 9905 1381